Spring Colours – In Trend 2016

Spring is upon us once again and this year’s spring colour trends are shaping up to be something very special indeed. What we’re seeing this year is no perceivable difference in colour trends between men’s and women’s fashions, with an emphasis on mostly light, playful colours with a certain ‘stability’, as one fashion writer put it recently.

These trends have also spilt over into the nightwear designs that we’ve seen so far this year, with a stunning range of plus size nightwear and lingerie in fantastic shades of pink and blue. However, we’re still seeing plenty of dark lingerie and nightwear, which is surely testament to the enduring appeal of dark colours, most notably, black, a colour that accentuates lighter colours when used in conjunction together in the right amounts.

Fiesta (Red)

Red Lace BabyDoll Dress with Matching Thong

A colour we can expect to see lots of this spring, fiesta red is a bright, playful red that has taken the world of fashion by storm. This fresh colour described as ‘exciting’ and ‘free-spirited’, has not only proven popular on catwalks around the globe this year, but has also been making inroads into the world of plus size lingerie and nightwear.

With fantastic new lingerie and nightwear designs appearing all the time, many of which are handmade right here in the UK, expect to see many exciting new nightwear garments in fiesta in 2016. Also, expect to see similar colours to fiesta in lingerie and nightwear designs, like fuchsia, a vivid purplish red which works well on its own or in combination with black, a feisty combination with popular appeal. Perfect 4U Fashion offers striking plus size lingerie and nightwear designs that perfectly combine fuchsia with black.

Snorkel Blue

Royal Blue Lace BabyDoll Dress with Matching Thong

It’s ok if the name doesn’t do much in the excitement stakes, but this bright blue which has been described as ‘pure escapism’ is most definitely a colour to watch out for this spring. Bright, bold and lending itself perfectly to plus size lingerie and nightwear as well as skirts, blouses and other items, it’s an exciting colour that flatters all body types.

If you’re looking to catch that special someone’s eye with an enticing baby doll dress, perhaps one with bow satin details and a delicate lace, then elegant, eye-catching snorkel blue is a top choice indeed. This is surely one of the most exciting colours this spring, one we can expect to see a lot more of in the lingerie and nightwear ranges of leading designers like Perfect4U a popular designer offering a superb range of fashionable plus size lingerie and nightwear designs.


Cream Lace Polka Babydoll with Satin Bow and Matching Thong

Never straying far from the minds of designers, cream is one of those colours that has enjoyed enduring appeal. A colour that works well in tandem with others, especially black, it’s elegant, perfect for all body shapes, and an ideal choice for lace or mesh lingerie and nightwear designs, of which there are many to select from.

Spring colour trends this year, 2016, are bold and exciting, yet distinctly playful and fun, and offer something for all women looking for plus size lingerie and nightwear.