5 Perfect Gifts for Mother’s Day 2018

This year Mothering Sunday is on 11th March but don’t panic if you’re stuck for ideas, Perfect4U is here to help. We have everything you could possibly need to show your mum your appreciation, and here just a few of our top ideas: 

Sweet Strawberry Bath Set

Sweet Strawberry Bath Set
Mums are always working hard, putting their family’s needs before their own, and this Sweet Strawberry Bath Set is a lovely way to give your mum a bit of ‘me’ time. This set is designed with luxurious pampering and relaxation in mind, whilst we’ve scented the body wash, soap, bath creamers and sugar scrub with the sweet aromas of fresh strawberries. As well as being a perfect Mother’s Day gift, the fragrance is reminiscent of hot British summer days, leaving your mum feeling upbeat whilst looking great and smelling amazing!

Coffee Mocha Scented Candle

Handmade Coffee Mocha Scented Candle

We’re sure there will be plenty of mothers enjoying a sweet and creamy coffee with their family on Mother’s Day, and Perfect4U has taken inspiration from the classic coffee mocha to create the perfect scented candle. With a unique and majestic scent, your mum will be afforded delightful notes of freshly brewed coffee, creamy vanilla and marshmallows every time she lights the candle and settles down for an evening of tranquility. Handmade in the UK from soy wax, this hugely popular scented candle is simply delicious and divine, and a perfect addition to your mother’s goodie bag.

Aloe Vera Bath Set

Aloe Vera Bath Set

The Aloe Vera plant is known for its soothing and calming benefits so why not spoil your mum this Mother’s Day with our Aloe Vera Bath Set. Our fragrance free body wash cleanses the skin with natural botanical surfactants and safely nourishes with Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5. It also works to soothe and condition irritated dry skin, resulting in softer, smoother, healthier-looking skin all day long. Paired alongside the creamy bar of soap based on organic Aloe Vera, your mum can relax knowing she’ll leave the tub feeling refreshed, soft, clean and pampered.

Avocado & Olive Oil Body Scrub

Avocado & Olive Oil Body Scrub
Avocado and olive oil do not just work perfectly together in the kitchen; these two natural ingredients work in harmony as a body scrub to provide nourishment for dry skin, whilst offering plenty of nutrients. With our Avocado & Olive Oil Body Scrub, your mum can enjoy bath time with a sense of relief and revitalisation as the scrub gets to work to deliver essential moisture to the skin.

Impress your mum with her very own gift box

Make your own Gift Box
We know that no two mums are the same, and that’s why we’re giving you the chance to make your mum her very own gift box. Choose between a variety of scrubs massage bars, body washes, soaps, creamers and scruchies to give your mum a gift that keeps on giving! Whether your mother loves the deep notes of dark chocolate, the fresh aroma of lavender or the sweet scent of sweet candy floss, we have a variety of lavish bath products to cherry-pick.

Mother’s Day Handmade Gifts

Our mums deserve to be spoilt, and with Mother’s Day just around the corner there’s no better time to show them just how much we love them. At Perfect4U we understand how difficult it can be to put your appreciation into words, and that’s why we have a selection of handmade gifts as beautiful and unique as your mum. Your mum is one in a million, so there’s no reason why she shouldn’t feel like it!


  1. Buttery Bath Creamers Set

Our mums are always rushed off their feet, and it’s about time they stopped to pamper themselves! People rarely buy bath bombs for themselves, which is what makes them such an incredibly thoughtful gift. To top it all off, our Buttery Bath Creamers look good enough to eat! All your mum has to do is simply run a hot bath and relax as the bath creamers bubble away.


  1. Handmade Soy Wax Candle

There’s nothing more peaceful than lighting a candle after a long day! Atmosphere is everything, so bring a little serenity to your mum’s home with a beautiful handmade scented candle. To make your gift even more personal, our Perfect4U candles are available in a number of gorgeous fragrances. From Sweet Fig to Night Blooming Jasmine, we have the perfect aroma to really light up your mum’s Mother’s Day.


  1. Lavender & Rosehip Bath Set

If you can’t decide between bath creamers or a body scrub, spoil your mum with a whole box of deliciously scented bath treats! Our Lavender & Rosehip Bath Set, complete with refreshing body wash, soap, bath creamers and a sugar scrub, is the perfect gift to make your mum feel more glamorous than ever. The combination of lavender and rosehip even has a number of health benefits, from eliminating nervous tension to keeping skin youthful. Full of treats and full of thought!


  1. Sweet Raspberry & Cocoa Butter Massage Bar

Shopping for a mum who deserves to be pampered? Of course you are! Whether it’s a foot rub at the end of the day or simply to moisturise after a shower, we couldn’t recommend the Sweet Raspberry & Cocoa Butter Massage Bar more. Not only does it smell good enough to eat, but it will leave you mum feeling extra special. She’ll feel, look, and smell great, and you’ll most definitely be in her good books!


  1. Make your own gift box

No one knows your mum more than you, so what could be better than creating your own personalised gift box? Pick and mix from a selection of sugar scrubs, soaps, massage bars, bath creamers and body wash, and to top it all off we’ll even throw in a scrunchie! Our personal favourites include the Almond Oil Sugar Scrub, Sweet Candyfloss & Mallow Body Wash, and the Coconut Soap. Show your mum just how much you appreciate her with a handmade bath set as special and as diverse as she is.