A men's guide to buying Valentine’s day lingerie

With so many options and so much choice, some men feel intimidated shopping for lingerie. With a little bit of research and knowing what to look for, the shopping experience can be effortless. Here is Perfect4U’s simple guide to buying the perfect Valentine’s day lingerie.



We’re starting with sizing because this is the most important thing is to get right. Consider checking the clothing your partner already enjoys wearing and note down the sizes. Perfect4U’s lingerie size options are the same as standard dress sizes. If your partner wears a size 18 dress she’ll be comfortable in our size 18 lingerie. If there is any doubt on your part opt for a flattering Babydoll or Chemise style that loosely sits on the body. Feel reassured that our curvy lace nightwear is designed by women for women and comes in sizes to suit all body shapes. See our handy sizing chart to feel confident in your choice and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


Choosing the colour of lingerie is a combination of preference and psychology. It’s a good idea to peek in your partner's lingerie draw and look at the colours she’s already drawn to. If you are looking to surprise her with something different you could follow the advice of colour psychologist Donna Dawson who claims different coloured lingerie reflects different personalities.


Red:                      Passionate, energetic and driven

Pink:                     Romantic, gentle and affectionate

Black:                   Powerful but sultry

Blue:                     Confidence and self-assurance.

White:                  A little bit sweet and innocent 

Perfect4U lingerie, babydolls, bodystockings and chemises come in all these classic colours with a host of different exciting designs.


Panty or thong?


You might like the idea of a thong but not all women find them comfortable. Check her underwear drawer or ask yourself if you’ve ever seen your partner wear a thong? If there are none in sight and the answer is no, maybe you should opt for lingerie with a panty. Whichever option is best Perfect4U have options to suits, be sure to check the product description before ordering.


Get the matching set


If you’re buying bra and panties separately make sure they match. Shopping online can make it a little harder to look at the details so be sure to check the name, the colour and the lace pattern. For convenience and ease, Perfect4U lingerie all come as a complete set. Our chemises and babydolls include panties or thongs designed to match perfectly for maximum confidence. Every piece is a carefully made complete work of art combining function, comfort and beauty.


Ask for help

Despite knowing what your partner likes, for some men, shopping for lingerie remains daunting. If you are still worried, consider asking for help. Does your partner have a best friend you can ask? Or perhaps you could look at some lingerie with your partner and ask her what she likes? If that’s out of the question, reach out to the specialists at Perfect4U for advice, they can make suggestions to make you feel more confident in your final choice.


Its all in the delivery.

Maybe you’ve managed to keep it a surprise or maybe she’s figured it out. Regardless, how you present your Valentines gift has to be special. Take the time to do wrap it beautifully and think carefully about how and when you want to present it. Consider presenting your gift first thing in the morning with a homemade breakfast and a bouquet. Or wait until the evening and present your gift boxed up in the bedroom surrounded by flowers and candles to set the mood.

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