Lingerie and sustainability: Perfect4U has switched to 100% biodegradable packaging.

This month Perfect4U is proud to announce that all our packaging is now fully sustainable. As part of our commitment to being a more eco-responsible ecommerce retailer, we have sought out a new supplier who offers safe and secure packaging made entirely from biodegradable cornstarch and polymers.

At the moment about 70% of UK packaging waste is recycled. This sounds like a fantastic figure until you recognise that the recycling process still contributes to fossil fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions. A better situation would be if 100% of postal packaging was biodegradable.

Which is exactly why we made the change.

I am 100% eco friendly

Now, 100% of our packing is not just wonderfully discreet, but as of 2022, it is more eco-friendly and sustainable. From now on, all your lovely lace babydolls, chemises and bodystockings will come delicately wrapped in biodegradable poly bags and compostable outer packaging. When you receive your package and open it up, you can put the mailer and other packaging in your food waste collection bin or your home compost bin. In as little as 6-12 weeks the packaging will be broken down completely by enzymes. For those with compost collection bins, the local waste centre will handle it and for those with a home compost bin, you can feed your plants and flowers. If you have neither, you can put your packaging in your normal waste or recycling confident that in a matter of weeks it will be gone!

For anyone wondering if the new packaging is as sturdy as conventional packaging, we have some great news. In addition to being plastic-free and 100% eco friendly, it’s actually tough, durable and most importantly, weatherproof. Especially important in the frequently rain-drenched Britain.

Here at Perfect4U, we take packaging seriously, we want your lingerie to arrive safe and secure in good quality, discreet packaging. Shockingly, as much as 11% of UK packages are delivered with some visible damage. For delicate lingerie, we had to be super sure that any eco packing was up to the task. With our new packaging we are confident that we have balanced those concerns with our desire to be more sustainable. So much so, we are excited for you to let us know what you think.

I am 100% eco friendly


Drop us a message on Instagram to let us know if you’ve composted your old packaging. Was it easy? Do you feel like an eco-warrior? Is there anything else you would like us to do? Get in touch, we can’t wait to hear from you.

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