My Story

Working for over 25 years in the lingerie sector I was puzzled when I was asked a common question, ‘why they don’t do it in my size?’. It was unfair back then, the bigger size used to be 16! (I know!)

Six years ago we created Perfect4U with the vision to create sexy, comfortable lingerie for real women.

It was such a journey and we loved every step. We worked with different models and friends to test products and to understand how they felt wearing our designs to improve our products for you.

We wanted to create designs that you can wear every day, not just to keep them in your wardrobe for once every year.

Now if you are like me, you are not always in a perfect mood. Sometimes you want a short nightie but sometimes you want something longer to cover a bit more… but still to look and feel sexy.

Sometimes you want sheer but sometimes you may think, a bit more coverage please? Just a bit less sheer to leave a lot to my partners imagination. It could be one of these days that my tummy feels to me a bit bigger or maybe the last piece of cake was too much...

Sometimes you like to wear something without 1000s of straps that you can’t remember which one goes where… I just to want to feel sexy with one move, nightie on and I am ready!

So despite working all day, doing the school run and everything else I need to do I love an everyday indulgence, to elevate the ordinary.

Because no matter what, it is me, and I am sexy and confidence.

Join us and tell us your story.

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