October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Treat yourself to lingerie this month and help fight breast cancer.

October is international breast cancer awareness month and we wanted to do our bit to raise awareness and raise essential funds to help combat the disease. Every year 56,000 people get diagnosed with breast cancer. But did you know that making small changes in your everyday life can help reduce your risk?

The three main factors that contribute to breast cancer are unavoidable. They are your age, your gender and whether you have the BRCA gene mutation. These are factors beyond your control. However, there are other factors that you can change that can reduce your statistical risk.

Number one is fitness.

This doesn’t necessarily mean being physically slim but means having good mental and physical strength. Any physical activity that gets the heart beating and the blood pumping is believed to contribute to the healthy regulation of hormones. Keeping your body functioning well is one of the best ways to keep sickness at bay. 

Whether you stick on your favourite Taylor Swift album and dance or walk the neighbour's dog, it's vital that you try to raise your heart rate once a day to combat cancer.

Number two is sleep.

Research has found that regular sleep disruptions may raise the odds of cancers of the breast, colon, ovaries and prostate. Getting a good night’s sleep helps the body maintain better balance and overall health.

If you suffer with irregular sleeping patterns or struggle to nod off it might be worth creating a pre-bedtime ritual to help wind down. Experts suggest staying clear of digital displays for at least an hour before bedtime, so ditch the phone. It can also help to try and quieten your mind. Some people meditate and others read.

Find your own way to unwind and sleep better to reduce your risk of cancer and other illnesses.

Number three is check, check, check

No one knows your body better than you. But it’s easier to miss changes that come on slowly. That’s why it’s always a good idea to set aside dedicated time to mindfully check your own body. Because our bodies change throughout the menstrual cycle, experts advise checking your breasts at the same point in the month. This helpful video from Breast Cancer UK can show you what you should be looking out for.

Besides manually checking your breasts on a regular basis, women aged 50 and above in the UK are entitled to breast screening exams every three years. Cancer Research UK provides a wealth of information about the process and research shows that early detection makes breast cancer easier to treat. 


While it’s great to raise awareness it’s even better to help fund the vital work cancer charities are doing to improve diagnosis and treatments for breast cancers. Perfect4U is donating 5% of all October sales revenues to Cancer Research UK.

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