Show just enough: How Perfect4U lingerie is designed for your comfort and confidence

So what is sheer lingerie and does it always have to be so revealing? So many women want the flirty fun lingerie can provide without feeling overexposed. Let us explain how Perfect4U has developed lingerie with less sheerness for shoppers who don’t want to reveal everything.


For clarity, (pun intended) a sheer fabric is a thin textile which is semi-transparent. These typically include chiffon, georgette, organza and gauze. Some others are fine-denier (or open weave) knits typically used for tights, stockings, body stockings and some lingerie. The key quality of each material is that the body can be seen underneath. 

Semi-sheer Lingerie and nightwear

Lingerie is supposed to be sexy, flirty and fun, but should also flatter and promote confidence. It’s a fine line between semi-transparent fabrics that reveal your entire body and semi-transparent fabrics that reveal just enough. Perfect4U uses double layers of semi-transparent materials to create less translucency and just a hint of the skin underneath. This subtle opaqueness generates mystery and allure while providing coverage where needed and visibility where desired.

Whether it’s lingerie or nightwear, Perfect4U has thought carefully about how our designs should look and feel. We always want to promote confidence in the wearer and ensure our designs emphasise natural beauty. At the same time, they have to be comfortable and easy to wear.


Semi-sheer materials offer comfort and are light against the skin in warmer weather. These lightweight materials are used by designers looking to evoke sensuality when designing lingerie. But can also be chosen as the comfortable and light option for nightwear.

Double layers to reduce transparency and offer better support.

For every design, we consider the key proportions and specific placement of sheer or semi-transparent panels. We like to use a double layer of sheer material to do two essential things: reduce the transparency (but not eliminate it entirely), and offer more support where women need it most. Securely stitched, with just a little stretch for easy movement, two layers are the ideal combination for most bodies.

This combined design and manufacturing approach ensures that our products are meeting the needs of our customers and delivering comfort and confidence.

Shopping for less sheer lingerie just got easier

For our shoppers, one of the steps we took was to create a store-wide online search filter that allows customers to choose ‘sheer’ or ‘less transparency’ as options. Even before that, we ensured confidence was factored in when we designed our pieces. Perfect4U design and make all our pieces for plus-size bodies. We don’t scale up tiny lingerie.

We believe we are one of the only lingerie sites in the world that offer our shoppers the ability to search for lingerie based on their preference for sheerness.

Perfect length and ideal coverage.


Our designs are often a little longer at the hip and thigh to delicately create coverage where our customers crave it most. Our best-selling Amor double-layer red lace chemise is a perfect example of how our design team is always listening to customer feedback. With a midi length, floaty comfort-fit body made with two layers of mesh, it graces the curves of the body, flatters and doesn’t reveal too much. However, the delicate triangle cups and plunging neckline mean the star of the show is the chest, cleavage and decolletage.

When it comes to sensuality and sexuality, confidence and comfort are important. And when it comes to shopping for lingerie, confidence and choice are important. At Perfect4U we believe the shopping experience should help you find exactly what you’re looking for and the final lingerie should make you feel like a queen.

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